Welcome to The Fredericktown Citizen. We are a daily online news site covering Fredericktown and the surrounding areas in North Central Ohio. We made our debut in February 2015 in order to preserve the local news atmosphere of the Fredericktown Community after a long running local newspaper closed its doors.

While there may be no more print edition available, it is the type and the amount of information that we are providing which we feel you will value more than the other outlets. We knew what worked in the community, and rather than reinvent the wheel we simply took it and made it better.

We have a commitment to our community, we are locally owned, locally operated, employ local journalists, and support local causes and efforts.

Our goal first and foremost to make sure that, “it’s about community,” be a part of the way our news website is operated. Over the course of time the various newspapers within the village have came and gone, names changed, editors changed, but the root of journalism in Fredericktown has been very locally oriented. Our story is similar to many small towns and communities across the United States where you turn to your local paper for the latest news, the local organization events, a calendar, school lists, sporting events, and a variety of other things. It is a style that many have come to enjoy and can continue building from the solid established base.

Our people are the key piece of The Fredericktown Citizen. We get great support from our readers by having a solid team of journalists that know the workings of the community. We kept our local feet on the ground that are recognized faces. In addition to Penny Smith and Jason Bostic, we also brought with us two other familiar faces, Jim Bostic and Zak Grimm. It is our goal to provide timely news and updates, breaking news, more photos, and multimedia content, and to offer advertising options with affordable rates.

The Fredericktown Citizen LLC is owned and operated by Jason Bostic and Penny Smith, both seasoned journalists who reside in Fredericktown.

Penny can be reached at penny@thefredericktowncitizen.com or 740-501-3550 and Jason at jason@thefredericktowncitizen.com