Tomato Show

22017 plate

Tomato Show Plate raises $9,125

The 2017 Fredericktown Tomato Show plate auction took place Saturday evening during the show. The plate featured the high school on Columbus Road. Local artist Tammy Mowry designed the plate, artist Paul Linhares fired the plates, and master woodworker Isaiah Chester make the cases. The…

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Tomato Products Results 2015

Tomato Products Results Red Canned Tomatoes: 1. Joy Doane 2. Gayle Dowalter 3. Sue James Yellow Canned Tomatos: 1. Joyce Pence 2. Maddie McGuire 3. Carrie Smith Red Tomato Juice: 1. Diana Shaffer 2. Gayle Dowalter 3. Sandy Casto Tomato Mincemeat: 1. Vonda Turner Catsup:…