Tomato Show T-shirt contest open

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Fredericktown Tomato Show
September 6 -9, 2017
“Go Nuts!”
It’s that time of year again! The Fredericktown Tomato Show’s T-shirt contest is open to the world! The winner will receive a free T-shirt and cash prize.

Entries need to include: 41st Fredericktown Tomato Show, September 6-9, 2017 and this year’s theme, ” Go Nuts!” The artist should add their signature to the black/pencil on white drawing. Computerized drawings will be considered also. The winning sketch should incorporate the theme as well as tomatoes in some way. Entries will become Tomato Show property and may be used in other promotional opportunities.

Entries need to be submitted no later than June 30. They can be dropped off at the Fredericktown Community Library or mailed to Fredericktown Tomato Show, P.O. Box 28, Fredericktown, OH 43019. On the back of each entry, please include name, address and phone
number. For more information call 740-501-1288 or 740-504-9342.