Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Seeing the Mahaffey FHS Alumni Scholarship announced brings back a lot of memories that I would like to share with fellow Freddies.
First, the Mahaffey house was a “must stop” on Beggars night for every Freddie kid because they gave out ice cream cones! There would always be a large group of us kids outside the house waiting our turns and then eating our cones. I later found out that Dr. Mahaffey liked to give out cones because the kids had to take off their mask to eat the cone and he could see who we were!

A second memory was sled riding on “Mahaffey Hill”; the high school boys could start at the top and get all the way across the railroad tracks on a good run. They would have contests on who could get the farthest. What a great way to spend a “school closed for snow” day. Fredericktown had the best hills for sled riding; “Mahaffey Hill” was my personal favorite; “Preacher Hill” was a close second; followed by “Ghost Hill” which has since been leveled by gravel mining.

Third memory was the Mahaffey kids who were about the ages of my oldest sister, Patty- FHS ’53. I remember looking up to all of the Mahaffey kids; Marilyn was a Valedictorian of ’50; Martha was Salutation of ’52; Marilyn became an MD like her dad; and Martha became a school teacher.

It took the brash and outgoing Bill ’54 a while to hit his career stride because he resisted his dad’s urging to become an MD. Bill eventually found his career calling as a successful accountant and lawyer; which spawned his passion for Junior College education. Bill sees Junior College as a great way to get a career start without accumulating a lot of debt while figuring out your life’s calling. Who could have known that Bill’s initial career speed bump would lead to something great like a Freddie Junior College Endowed Scholarship?

Marilyn now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area; Martha in the St. Louis area and Bill in St. Thomas Virgin Islands.

Roger Davis- FHS ’61