Fredericktown FFA Member takes 5th place in State Advanced Public Speaking

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State Prepared

Recently, Holly McClay, a Fredericktown FFA member, attended the State Public Speaking Contest to represent Knox County and District 7 in the Prepared Public Speaking portion of the contest. The event was held in Marysville.

For the Prepared Public Speaking Competition, contestants write a 5 to 7 minute long speech that they must memorize and recite for the judges. While speaking, contestants utilize various speaking techniques, such as tone or pitch and hand gestures to emphasize key parts of their oration and make the delivery more effective. Speeches must be on an agriculture-related issue and need to have a works cited page. After their presentation, members orally answer questions from the judges relating to the topic they chose.

Holly participated in the advanced division of Prepared Public Speaking, along with other members that have experience with delivering speeches in front of groups. She did a great job, placing 5th in the state in the Advanced Prepared Public Speaking event. Fredericktown FFA advisor is Debra Burden.