Hometown Fourth of July 2017

fireworks 3

The annual Lions Club kid’s games held on the Fourth of July results and photos along with a few from the day’s festivities:

Ages 4 and under:

Penny Scramble – 1st Christian Magbrier and Kylie Swick; 2nd Kali Morton; most pennies Evlee Rine.

Run for Sucker – 1st Evlee Rine; 2nd Dixie Morton.

5 & 6 year olds:

Bean Bag Toss – 1st Haley Thompson; 2nd Braylon Phillips.

Bear Run – 1st Braylon Phillips; 2nd Haley  Thompson.

7 & 8 year olds:

Ball Toss – 1st Gabby Fish; 2nd Addison Johnson.

Arm Race – 1st Gabby Fish and Nickelle Heston; 2nd Addison Johnson and Ashlyn Parry.

9, 10, 11 year olds:

Sack Race – 1st Riley Rine; 2nd Hope Poff.

Plate Toss – 1st Riley Rine; 2nd Hope Poff.

12 and up:

Boche Ball Toss – 1st Anna Parry; 2nd AJ Bradford

Water Balloon Toss – 1st Julian Roper and Jaden Jones; 2nd Malachi Johnson and Charles Roper.