Knox County Pomona Grange meets

ohio state grange pomona

The Knox County Pomona Grange met on Monday evening at Morgan Grange Hall at 6:30 p.m.  There was a covered dish dinner with the meeting starting at 7:30 p.m.
Master Marie Walker called the meeting to order with 26 members present, representing 5 different granges for the Harvest Night Out meeting.
Communications received from the American Red Cross with a thank you for the donation to the hurricane fund.  Also an appreciation to Dee Cole for being selected as the Ohio State Granger of the Year and Joanne Walton for Ohio State Grange Volunteer of the Year.  Shirley Hughes sent a card with all the concerns and well wishes from everyone in her resent challenges with her family.
Junior Deputy Mary Jewell thanked everyone for their hard work at the Ohio State Grange Convention, specifically Priscilla Arnholt, Etta Arnholt, Dee Cole, Willis Smith, Ned Campbell and Cindy Campbell and all the other Knox County Grangers who helped with the cookies and breads.  Special thanks to Cindy and Ned Campbell for supplying the finger sandwiches.  All were well received at the Convention.
Well wishes were conveyed to Etta Arnholt and Willis Smith as they work to get healthy.
Lecturer Program was presented by Joanne Walton with the help of all the granges in Knox County.  Berlin, Don Walters read a joke; Monroe-Dan Emmett, Etta Arnholt with the help of Cindy Campbell handed out slips of paper to everyone to act out what was on the card; Harrison, Marie Walker read a Thanksgiving Day reading; Morgan, Cindy Campbell read the Attitude of Gratitude; Wayne, Dee Cole read a word game and Middlebury, Joanne Walton read What is It?
Cindy and Ned Campbell presented a pumpkin flower arrangement for the cake walk with Cathy Morey the winner.
Delegates Ned and Cindy Campbell thanked Pomona Grange and the membership for sending them to the Ohio State Grange convention, October 19 through the 22 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Dublin.  It was the 145th annual meeting with many resolutions to be considered.  The Campbell were on the Agriculture Committee with 7 committee members to discuss 6 resolutions.  In the full convention of delegates, there was much discussion about the Friendly Hill Grange Camp.  It was finally decided that if the current foundation can’t make their mortgage payment in March, 2018, the camp will be offered for sale. All the proceeds will be made available for the Juniors and Youth Grange.  During the meeting, there were many presentations for the charitable organizations that the Ohio State Grange supports.  Also remember the 150th anniversary of grange will be December 4th.
County Deputy Lonnie Totten presented the awards won by the Knox County Granges at the Ohio State Convention.  Totten and Junior Deputy Mary Jewell presented the new grange rosters and forms to be completed for the new grange year.
This year, County Deputy Totten presented a Lifetime Grange Award to Harry and Elaine Hillier.  They are very worthy of this award after all the years they worked for the grange.
County Deputy Lonnie Totten presented the Grange Challenge awards to first place Monroe-Dan Emmett Grange, second place to Morgan Grange, third place to Wayne Grange and fourth place to Harrison Grange.
Next meeting will be a short dinner meeting at Bob Evans Restaurant in Mount Vernon on Monday, December 18 at 6:30 p.m.
Margaret Ann Ruhl, Reporter