Neighborhood Watch holds cleanup day


On Saturday, May 20th, 2017, the Fredericktown Neighborhood Watch met at the trail access next to the Mill Street Bridge, to address the big issue and eyesore of years of graffiti on the bridge’s underside and support beams. Armed with primer, paint, elbow grease and determination to keep their community looking respectable, over a dozen members of the Neighborhood Watch worked diligently to cover up all the graffiti they could with a coat of primer and a second coat of paint, efforts which will later be finished by the Fredericktown Street Department using a special, clear coat of anti-graffiti paint.

This third application will allow future vandalism by graffiti to be washed off with a garden hose and scrubbing efforts, or more quickly and easily blasted off with a power-washer.
The efforts of the Fredericktown Neighborhood Watch will, ideally, help keep the underside of the Mill Street Bridge free of truly unnecessary and offensive graffiti, as residents begin to utilize the specially-created walking trail right along the Kokosing River, which will lead to the eventual green-space park at the site of a property formerly owned by the Mizer family–which was given to the Village earlier this year.

graffiti 1



Mill St. Bridge Graffiti clean-up:

A huge THANK YOU to everyone that came out to assist with this project. The transformation was quite amazing and an eyesore was removed from our community.  The presence of graffiti can stimulate more criminal behavior and by correcting a small issue you can often stop the build-up of bigger issues. Here is a link to an article from National Geographic discussing this philosophy:
For those of you that were not able to make it, the group was able to get the primer and top coats completed but ample dry time was needed before applying the anti-graffiti coating.  As most of you probably saw on our Facebook page, vandals defaced the freshly painted walls with mud prior to us being able to apply the ant-graffiti coating.  However, this issue has since been fixed. Lt. Kyle Johnson, Chief Brown, Village Administrator Bruce Snell, and Street Department personnel were able to get the mud cleaned off and recovered with some fresh paint.  We were then able to apply the anti-graffiti coating so that all of the freshly painted surfaces are now protected.  Any future graffiti attempts will appear to have worked, but can be easily removed with water.  Thanks again to everyone that helped with this project!
Next Meeting:
Our next meeting will be Tuesday June 13th at 6:30pm at the Fredericktown Police Department and we will have a quick meeting with the National Night Out Committee immediately thereafter.  Hope to see everyone there.
“Our best defense is looking out for each other”