Pay Ordinance Legislation Passed at Council


The Fredericktown Village Council met for a regular meeting on June 5, 2017 at 7:00 in the Municipal Building. Councilmen James Hobson and Jim Tharp were absent, and Council voted them as excused from the meeting.

Council opened the business of the meeting with discussion and passage of a number of legislative issues. Up first was a Third Reading of Ordinance 2017-11, which details the Village’s longstanding Pay Ordinance, in terms of wages for staff and employees of the Village. Mayor Jerry Day asked that a part of the Ordinance be amended, changing a minor wording concerning the structure of the Police Department.

Day asked that that section be amended to show that both the Police Chief and Mayor will agree on how many officers of the Department will be considered part-time and volunteers, rather than have a set number on record, as situations and finances change from year to year. Council agreed to pass the measure as amended.

Council then had a Second Reading of Ordinance 2017-12, which outlines the rules and regulations surrounding peddlers and solicitors in the Village. No discussion beyond what was decided in previous meetings was conducted.

Following the public hearing for the proposed 2018 Village Budget just prior to the night’s regular meeting, Council had a First Reading of Ordinance 2017-13, which would authorize Fiscal Officer Mary Lou Hannan to submit the Budget–after 3 Readings–to the County for approval.

Village Administrator Bruce Snell provided Council with Resolution 2017-14, which allowed them to see a listing and description of surplus Village equipment that Snell and his employees will submit to for the public to purchase. Among the items up for sale to the highest bidder are six fire hydrants, a 1981 high-pressure sewer line “jetter”, a small gasoline-powered trash pump, three sets of lifting forks for a John Deere tractor, an out-dated band saw, a 150-gallon air compressor, and miscellaneous street and traffic signs.

Council agreed to allow Snell to put all items out for bid.

Ordinance 2017-15 was presented to Council in order to amend Section 509.09 of the codified Village Ordinances, thus changing the verbiage pertaining to the Village curfew for minors, and how the Police Department would like more control in being able to formally charge someone in the Village whom is knowingly aiding and abetting a minor violating curfew. Council agreed to amend the Ordinance to reflect that change.

Village Administrator Bruce Snell informed Council about a number of key points of business for the Village. A new “friendship” light has been installed on Butler Boulevard, as per residents’ requests, said Snell. The new light is of the same style as those at the Fredericktown Community Library, thus the term “friendship” light.

Residents whom have noticed that the Village has perhaps not been as diligent about mowing as in summers past can be assured that the Village is working hard to keep up with the growing grass, and that all mowing is very much weather-dependent. With recent rains followed by lots of sunshine, the grass areas are growing rapidly.

Snell said that Mohican Valley Fence came in as the lowest bidder for installation of wood fencing along the edge of the Village’s newly-purchased parking lot at the site of the former Ritchey’s Cardinal Market. The fencing that will be built and installed came to $2,837, and will have a similar look to the fencing already in place along the Owl Creek Bike and Pedestrian Trail toward the former Dana Corporation plant at the south end of the trail. The Village had purchased the Ritchey’s lot in order to complete necessary work on the adjacent slope leading to the Owl Creek Bike and Pedestrian Trail. The slope had collapsed on itself from torrential rains during early spring, and was no longer safe to residents using the trail. The work is progressing well, with vegetation growing solidly. Additionally, two of four proposed benches have been installed on the OCT, at Knox Alley and one at Watson Street. Two more will be installed on the trail at North Main Street close to Route 95, and the other along the OCT by the Kokosing River.

Council discussed for a time the possibility of creating a dedicated space on the Square for the Village’s war veterans. Currently, the brick memorial and flagpole are in two different quadrants of the Square, while the long-standing cannon is in another. It was proposed that all three be put in the same location, likely the quadrant closest to the Fredericktown Historical Society building.

Councilman Bill Van Nostrand suggested that, in the future, the area could then be expanded to include a walking patch, benches and possibly a “splash pad” for the Village’s children to enjoy, as many communities in the country have.

Council agreed to begin working toward moving both the cannon and the flagpole to an area next to the existing brick memorial.

Before adjournment, Council President Pro Tempore Dean Grogg reminded the group that the Public Works Committee will meet on June 19th at 5:30 on High Street to examine a guardrail, and then will walk to tour the Wastewater Treatment Plant. No other Committees had announcements.

The next Council meeting will be on Monday, June 19, 2017 at 7:00 PM in the Municipal Building. All residents are welcome to contact the Village before attending with questions or concerns for your elected officials.