Tomato Show Info

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GO NUTS at the 41st Fredericktown Tomato Show, Sept. 6 – 9, 2017. Below is information related to the events held each year at the Tomato Show. It can also be found on the above banner for future reference. Additional information is available in the premium book or at Enjoy the Show!


Saturday, September 9 — 4:30 p.m.

The race will be held on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. Registration begins at 4 p.m. in front of Leve Agriman.

3 – 4 year olds @ 4:30 – 4:45 p.m.
5 – 6 year olds @ 4:45 – 5:00 p.m.
7 – 8 year olds @ 5:00 – 5:15 p.m.

  1. Qualifying exhibitor or participant must be a Fredericktown school district  resident who physically lives within the district or currently attends Fredericktown schools.
  2. Sign-up begins at 4 p.m.
  3. Must be in correct age category.
  4. Judges decision will be final.
  5. Three fastest times will receive a trophy in each age group.
  6. Each entrant will receive a participation ribbon.
  7. big wheel


Saturday, September 9 – 3 p.m.

Sign-up at the bandstand on the square from 2 – 2:45 p.m.

  • Registration for the first 32 teams only!
  • Double elimination starts at 3 p.m.
  • 1st team to 21 wins!!!
  • 2-person teams, aged 16 and older only.
  • Must bring driver’s license to prove age.
  • $20 registration per team.
  • Competition held on South Main past rides

1st place – $140 / 2nd place – $80 / 3rd place – $40
Winners also receive Tomato Show T-shirt!



Saturday, September 9 – 6 p.m.

Come join in the fun at the Fredericktown Tomato Show’s messiest event. You will need a partner because this is a two person event. Both participants need to be at least 18 years of age. The Tomato Toss will follow the Bathtub Races in front of Leve-Agriman. One person will launch the tomato and the partner will try to catch the tomatoes. The team with the most tomatoes caught in the shortest amount of time will win. Pre-registration is at 5:30 p.m. near the elevator.  1st place – $100     2nd place – $80     3rd place – $50tomato toss


Participant must be a Fredericktown School District resident who physically lives within the district or currently attends Fredericktown Schools.

Sign-up begins 30 minutes prior to pull time an closes five minutes before pull time.

No jerking of the sled. Must be in correct age category. Judge’s decision will be final.

4 and 5 year olds pull Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.

6 and 7 year olds pull Thursday at 5:30 p.m.

8 and 9 year olds pull Friday at 5:30 p.m.

10, 11 and 12 year olds pull Saturday at 3:30 p.m.

pedal tractor

2017 Fredericktown Tomato Show Parade

Saturday, September 9 – 12:30 p.m.

The theme for the 2017 Fredericktown Tomato Show Parade is Go Nuts. The parade will begin at 12:20 p.m., Saturday, September 9. The parade route is 1.7 miles and begins at the Fredericktown Police Department on South Main Street.

Trophies will be awarded to the first place winners in the following categories:

Best Commercial Entry, Most Humorous Entry or Float, Best Costumed Entry or Float, Best Organization Entry or Float, Best Youth Entry or Float, Best Horse Drawn Entry, Best Pony Drawn Entry, Best Mounted Entry, Best Senior Adult Entry, Best Antique Car Entry, Best Antique Implement Entry, Judges Award, Best Parade Theme Entry, Best Classic Car Entry, Best Walking Entry, Best Children’s Entry, Best Novelty Entry and Best Professional Entry.

One winner will be chosen from the 18 category winners for the Mayor’s Award of Outstanding Entry, regardless of category.

Contact Carolyn Fergus at 740-501-0284 to participate in the parade. Judging begins at 10 a.m. Registration form available at

big parade


Saturday, September 9 – 8 p.m.

Old Fredericktown High School

This year’s limited edition plate auction features the building at 117 Columbus Road. In the fall of 1964, a new high school opened and grades 10, 11 and 12 moved in from the Taylor Street School. The FHS class of 1965 was the first class to graduate from the new high school. The graduating class of 1967 was the first class to go through all three of their high school years at the new building. In 1969, classrooms were added and the 9th grade moved to this building at opening of school year. This building served as High School until the new high school was constructed and opened in 2000. The building was refitted to serve as the school administration office, treasurer’s office and School Board meeting room in 2009 and is still serving that purpose. In addition, various school and community sports teams use the facility for practices, workouts and events. A weight room was built by the Fredericktown Athletic Boosters with funding provided by the Boosters, local businesses and community members. The building is all of the groups mentioned plus there is a section that houses the Fredericktown Senior Activities Center, Touchpointe Counseling plus a weight and exercise room manned by KCH staff. Other groups are able to rent space for activities that require big spaces. The FHS of the past is still a very active part of the Frederickown community.


2016 The Gazebo

2015 Fredericktown Recreation District/Nature Center

2014 Kokosing Construction Company; 2013 Edwards Sheet Metal Works, Inc.

2012 Snyder’s Funeral Home; 2011 Fredericktown Chevrolet

2010 Trio Lanes Bowling Alley; 2009 The Ewers Hotel

2008 Taylor Street School Building; 2007 The First Baptist Church

2006 Hartstine Implement Co.; 2005 Mort’s Mobil Station

2004 The Cassell Building; 2003 Fredericktown Bell Company

2002 Cannon On The Square; 2001 Dan Struble and Son Bank

2000 Main Street Fredericktown; 1999 Berties “Town & Country” Restaurant

1998 First Presbyterian Church; 1997 The FFA Jacket

1996 Fredericktown Area Historical Society; 1995 Fredericktown Community Library

1994 Feed Mill; 1993 Neil Theater; 1992 Old Mill Street Bridge

1991 Fredericktown Elementary School – 1892; 1990 The Lamplighter

1989 The Original Depot; 1988 The Original Firehouse and Jail

1987 Original Bandstand

plate auction


Saturday, September 9 – 9 a.m.

The start will be at the Fredericktown School Board Office. Water will be available at one place along the race course. Gear storage will be available at the starting point at the Fredericktown School Board Office, 117 Columbus Road, Fredericktown.

Pre-registration before September 1 by mail or online before September 8 will be $20. Fee the day of the race will be $25 for all ages. Make checks or money orders payable to the Fredericktown Tomato Show.

Race day registration will begins at  7:30 a.m. at the Fredericktown School Board Office.

Dri-Fit T-shirts will be given to the first 150 registered runners by Sept. 2.

Register online at

Trophies or plaques will be awarded to the overall winner and all first – third place finisher’s in each age category, male and female. 5 mile run


Saturday, September 9 – 5:30 p.m.

The Fair Board furnishes the bathtubs. There shall be no more than three team members, two pushers and one driver. The driver must have a valid driver’s license. Driver must wear a helmet.

All races in a class will be timed and this will determine the winner.

Class I Women Only, Any Age

Class II 25 and Older, Men and Women

Class III 25 and Under Men and Women – at least one member must be under 25

Class IV Minister Challenge

Prize money: $90 1st in each class, $60 2nd in each class, $60 fastest overall time

bath tub race

Creative Lip Sync

Thursday, September 7 – 7 p.m.

Carefully read the following if you are interested in participating in the Lip Sync.

On Thursday, September 7 at 7 p.m., a Creative Lip Sync Contest will be held for age groups: 16 years of age and older (adults); 12 through 15 years of age; 9 through 11 years of age; and 0 through 8 years of age.

The 16 years and older age group may pre-register by calling Chris Well at  740-501-1288 or register on the evening of the event at 6:30 p.m. in front of the First Knox National Bank.

There will be two ties for try-outs this year, Thursday, Aug. 31 from 6 to 7 p.m., and Saturday, Sept. 2 from 10 a.m. to noon. The Age groups that need to try-out are 0 through 8, 9 through 11, and 12 through 15 years of age. They will be held at the Fredericktown High School Commons area. This will be the only way for 0 – 15 years of age participants to register. There will be no walk-ons during the Tomato Show.

Participants must bring their music selection on CD and their costumes to the tryout. A CD player will be provided. Participants will be asked to perform the entire 3 minute entry. Come prepared to do so. A CD player will be provided.

In order to insure our family-oriented event remains so, written lyrics may be requested. The committee reserves the right to deny entry due to lyrics, attire or dance movements. Performances MAY BE LIMITED TO 3 MINUTES, so practice. With that in mind, special circumstances need prior approval.

The committee reserves the right to split or combine classes according to the number of entries. The number of entries in each may also be limited. The order of the performances is at the discretion of the committee. In duet and group entries, the entry will compete in the category of the oldest member of the group/duet.

PLEASE NOTE: An individual may participate in one performance in a solo/duet and one performance in group in age categories 0-15. Participant can choose either solo or duet. 16 and over may participate in more than one category.

Scoring will be based on a scale of 40 points:
20 points – creativity/originality; 10 points – appearance; 10 points – lip sync

Prizes will be awarded for the first four places in each class:

Group — 1st – $60; 2nd – $35; 3rd – $20; 4th – $10
Solo/Duet — 1st – $40; 2nd – $20; 3rd – $10; 4th – $5
Director’s Award for the best overall performance • Best Costume Award • Best Theme Award ~ Go Nuts

lip sync 2


Friday, September 8 – 7 p.m.

Babies must be 12 months old or younger. Baby’s birthday must be on or after September 1, 2016.
Age groups: 0 – 7 months • 7 – 8 months • 9 – 10 months • 11 – 12 months

There is a 3 minute time limit; judges’ decision on placements.
Prizes for top 3 in each age group.

Overall Prizes:
Best Tomato Theme Outfit  $10 • Best Cryer  $10 • Biggest Showoff  $10

Please register half an hour prior to the contest in front of the stage.

Trophies will be awarded to the first three babies to win in their age group.

Open to the World!

baby crawl



Wednesday, September 6 – 7 p.m.

August 25th is the deadline for registration to be in the contest. Little girls must be 6 years of age as of September 1, 2016 to qualify. PARTICIPANT MUST BE A FREDERICKTOWN SCHOOL DISTRICT RESIDENT WHO PHYSICALLY LIVES WITHIN THE DISTRICT OR CURRENTLY ATTENDS FREDERICKTOWN SCHOOLS.

Entry forms can be printed from the website: or email

Each contestant is asked to wear a long tomato red dress.

Out-of-town judges will judge the girls based on a two minute interview, poise and appearance.

All Little Miss Tomato contestants are encouraged to walk in Thursday’s Kids’ and Critters’ Parade and will also have the opportunity to ride on a float in Saturday’s parade.



Men – Wednesday, 8:30 p.m. Women – Thursday – 8:30 p.m.

Sign up in front of First-Knox National Bank beginning at 8:00 p.m. Stone throw will take place following the Little Miss Tomato contest, approximately 8:30 pm., in front of the stage. The pebble toss will follow the stone throw and the pebbles weigh quite a bit more than the stones.


140 lbs. and under 1990 – Joni Rhoads 19’ 7”
141 lbs. and over 1990 – Chris Burch 23’ 3”

175 lbs. and under 1994 – Rick Durfee 21’ 4”
176 lbs. – 210 lbs. 1992 – Scott Davis 24’ 10”
211 lbs. and over 1990 – Dan Douglas 25’ 9”


140 lbs. and under 1994 – Renee Tedrick 10’ 8”
141 lbs. and over 1990 – Chris Burch 12’ 5”

175 lbs. and under 1994 – Shane Englert 10’ 5”
176 lbs. and over 1992 – Tom Swihart 13’ 6”

There will be $10 paid in each weight class to the person who breaks a distance record.
The fair board is not responsible for any accidents to participants or spectators. All participants must be 18 years of age or older.
PRIZES:  1st Place – Gas Card & Trophy in each class; 2nd Place – Trophy in each class.


Entries will be made Wednesday from 1 – 6 p.m in the tent behind the Senior Citizens building. Judging will take place Wednesday at 6:15 p.m. Prize money can be picked up on Saturday from 3 – 8 p.m. at the Fair Board Office.

Exhibits must be in a clear, name brand pint or quart jar only. Exhibits must be canned this season and should be labeled. See premium book for complete list of classes.

Qualifying exhibitor or participant must be a Fredericktown School District resident who physically lives within the district.

First prize $3; Second prize $2; Third prize $1

Best Tomato Cake $25; Best Tomato Pie $20; Best of Show $10

tomato product


Entries will be made Wednesday from 1 – 6 p.m. in the tent behind the Senior Citizens building. Judging will take place Thursday. Stem must be removed from all entries. Exhibitors will be responsible for all property and exhibits. See premium book for complete list of classes.

Qualifying exhibitor or participant must be a Fredericktown School District resident who physically lives within the district. Exhibitors are allowed on entry in each class.

Prize money can be picked up on Saturday from 3 – 8 p.m. at the Fair Board Office.

First prize $3; Second prize $2; Third prize $1

Best of Show $10 and Rosette



Theme: Go Nuts

Thursday, September 7 — 6:30 p.m.

Ages for parade are infant through 6th grade. Parade will form at Taylor Street Commons (grass area), proceed on College Street, then left on Main Street to the stage area. The parade will conclude at the stage.

Critters must be in a cage or on a leash and accompanied by a kid. Kids organizations and music is encouraged. All animal entries are subject to committee approval. No large animals will be permitted!

Registration begins at 5:15 p.m. You must be registered by 5:45 to be eligible for judging. Pre-registration is available . If you pre-register you do not need to be there until 5:45. Judging starts promptly at 5:45 p.m. Pre-register at

Parade starts at 6:30 p.m. Little Miss Tomato will be the parade marshal.

Categories to be judged are: Best Costumed Entry; Best Theme Entry; Most Humorous Entry; Best Decorated Motorized Entry; Best Decorated Bike or Trike Entry; Best Pet Entry; Best Musical Entry; Best Organization Entry; and Directors’ Award.

kids parade


Betty Weller

You probably think you already know Betty Weller but you may not be aware of the many hats she’s worn. Most of her life has been spent in  Fredericktown: attending school, working and living in the area. Betty loves the “small town” community and the relative safety of it. She started working at the Hotel/Restaurant when she was 14, and also worked at Doc’s. After working with a financial institution for 20 years in 10 different offices throughout Ohio, she decided to go back to go to Ohio State to get her degree in education. She taught business and computer courses for one year at
Cardington-Lincoln and then spent 29 years at Fredericktown. Betty had an article published in a business teacher brochure before retiring in 2005.
Betty has answered to several names during her teaching career. She began as Mrs. Weller then moved onto Belly, due to a misspelling of Betty in a Clearfork football program. The name that has affectionally stuck the longest is Old Weller. She evens refers to herself using that name. She was voted “favorite” teacher by many of her students.
While teaching, she was advisor to every class 9 – 12. She also served as  advisor for yearbook, National Honor Society, Junior Selling and Magazine drive, cheer leading and prom committee. While advisor for the Class of 1980, she was instrumental in starting the sale of food for games other than varsity football and basketball. This included volleyball and JV games, which the Boosters eventually took over. As NHS advisor, she and the members worked to earn money and helped several families that were ravaged by fire in their homes. She and NHS students spent many Saturdays playing cards/games with senior citizens at the Living Center. They also collected a lot of money and truckloads of food for Interchurch and Salvation Army.
Betty was awarded the FEA Teacher of the Year, NHS Most Influential  Teacher and Knox County Business Advisory Council Inspirational Educator Award twice. She is a lifetime Ohio State Alumni member and 20-year Buckeye Club member. Weller loves the Buckeyes! How appropriate is this year’s theme, Go Nuts!
Weller served on the initial committee that oversaw the guidelines and instituted the FEA Scholarship. The NHS Scholarship was started under her advisory, also. She chaired the committee that raised $6,000 for the Roy McKinley Scholarship and currently is a member of the FHS Alumni Scholarship Committee.
Along with her teaching career, she was Middlebury Fiscal Officer for 27 years. After retirement, Weller
was on the Knox County Republican Central Committee for 3 years and the School Board for 8 years, where she initiated the Student Incentive Program.
Weller married the love of her life, in 1956. Betty and Carmon first met when she was in the 7th grade and he was in the 9th. They were married 58 years before his passing. They have 3 children: Tracie, Jeff and Judd (deceased), 7 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.


T-shirts displaying The Fredericktown Tomato Show’s 2017 theme, Go Nuts, are on sale now through September 1st, at the Fredericktown Community Library. The shirts come in sizes from youth 2-4 through adult XXX-large. All shirts are available in two colors. Youth 2-4 through adult XX large will cost $10 and XXX large will be $12.

Congratulations to an anonymous 76 year old Fredericktown resident for the winning design.

After September 1st, the t-shirts will be available during The Fredericktown Tomato Show, September 6-9, at the Hospitality Tent. Sizes and quantities will be limited so don’t wait too long to get your 2017 Tomato Show Go Nuts


2016 Aubrey Rinehart; 2015 Morgan Schaade; 2014  Regan McGarvey; 2013  Destinee Dickerson; 2012  Haylee Cunningham; 2011  Kenley Miller; 2010  Emily Rook; 2009  Macy Thorne; 2008  McKenna Davidson; 2007  Gracie Misencik; 2006  Kendall Hinkle; 2005  Sandra Spearman; 2004  Bailey Mast; 2003  Adriana Long; 2002  Kathryn Spearman; 2001  Taylor Zolman; 2000  Stacey Vanatta; 1999  Mae Ellen Altman; 1998  Devin Kennedy; 1997  Kirsti Lepley; 1996  Adriana Brown; 1995  Tabitha Streby; 1994  Denise  Koelbl; 1993  Brooke Miller; 1992  Cassi Testa; 1991  Katie Chester; 1990   Shanda Thompson; 1989  Valene Brooks; 988  Ashlie Chester; 1987  Tess Carpenter; 1986  Sara Ramey; 1985  Nicole Stricker; 1984  Tracy Griffith; 1983  Shelly Burch; 1982  Casey Braddock; 1981  Buffy Hazen; 1980  Stefanie Robinson; 1979  Lori Burgett; 1978  Sally Pfeiffer; 1977  Marcie Hall.


Exhibits in The Mason Hall.

Entries will be accepted on Thursday, September 7 from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Entries must be checked in with classification committee and receive an entry card and exhibition number which is to be filled out completely by exhibitor before entries are placed.

Horticulture Specimens must be grown by the exhibitor and, if possible, be labeled as to its kind and variety.

Exhibitors will furnish their own bottles. Bottles must be suitable size for exhibit. Clear glass containers for the Horticulture Specimen division.

Qualifying exhibitor or participant must be a Fredericktown School District Resident who physically lives within the district or a member of a Fredericktown Garden Club.

Horticulture Specimens must be grown by the exhibitor and, if possible, be labeled as to its kind and variety.

See premium book for complete list of classes.



Saturday, September 9 – 6 p.m.

One Last Toss! Try the bullseye game!

For those of you who weren’t luck enough to have your name drawn for the Tomato Toss, the board has added a little more excitement. $1 will give you a change to win $2 if you hit the target board and $5 for a bullseye with one practice shot and one actual attempt. This event follows the Tomato Toss Saturday evening.

tomato target


Bring qualifying entries to the tent behind the Senior Citizens building on Wednesday from 1 to 6 p.m. Qualifying exhibitor or participant must be a Fredericktown School District Resident who physically lives within the district.

Judging will be at 6:15 p.m. on Wednesday.

Prizes: First $3; Second $2; Third $2; ribbons will be given to fourth and fifth places. Best of Show receives a rosette and $10.

See premium book for complete list of classes.

baked good pie


All canned goods must be in a clear  name brand jar either quarts or pints. No fancy covers on jar tops. All canned goods are to be canned after last year’s Tomato Show.

See premium book for complete list of classes.

Entries are to be made on Wednesday from 1 to 6 p.m. in the tent behind the Senior Citizens building. Qualifying exhibitor or participant must be a Fredericktown School District Resident who physically lives within the district.

Prizes: First $3; Second $2; Third $1; Best of Show $10 and a rosette.

canned goods


2016 Larry Hall; 2015 Bill Whaley; 2014 John “Red” Shaw; 2013 Chester V. Leedy; 2012 Bill and Mary Elder; 2011 John and Kim Walsh; 2010 Dean and Jane Streby; 2009 Bill and Kate Brown; 2008 Dean Shira; 2007 Gordon “Flash” and Sheila Huff; 2006 Original Board of Directors; 2005 Max Schonauer; 2004 Dick Scarbrough; 2003 Harry and Elaine Hilllier; 2002 Area Servicemen and Women; 2001 Jim Shipley; 2000 Vonda Turner; 1999 Ralph Davis; 1998 Morris James; 1997 Dick Klapproth; 1996 Alberta “Bertie” Wiggins; 1995 Bruce and Joan Levering; 1994 Jim Burden; 1993 Leota Shipley; 1992 Foster Frazier; 1991 Kenneth “Posey” Frazier; 1990 Annie Fearn; 1989 Robert Bunnell; 1988 Dick Snyder; 1987 Rusty Dalrymple; 1986 Dove Todd; 1985 Wendell Fink; 1984 Fred Frye; 1983 Rarick Long; 1982 Ameen Ritchey; 1981 Katherine Cocanower; 1980 Bill Burgett; 1979 Bus Hart and Helen Grace McClelland; 1978 Irl and Anna Willits; 1977 Foy Herendeen; 1976 Si Blackburn and Mae Cornell (Bicentennial Parade  Marshals)


Produce must be entered between 1 and 6 p.m. on Wednesday at the Main Street location. Judging will be Thursday. Qualifying exhibitor or participant must be a Fredericktown School District Resident who physically lives within the district.

Prizes: Prizes: First $3; Second $2; Third $1.

Special classes prizes plus Grand Champion Vegetables and best of six ears of field corn. See premium book for complete list of classes.

green beans


Wednesday, September 6 – New Life Praise Band

Second Stage, 7 – 9 p.m.

The NEW LIFE COMMUNITY CHURCH PRAISE TEAM BAND is compiled of approximately 20 musicians. Several rotating teams lead the New Life congregation on Sundays. Our main ministry goal is to connect with, celebrate and bring glory to God. We seek to cultivate a welcoming atmosphere where music is used to connect us to God and one another. New Life Community Church is located at 9955 State Route 95 in Fredericktown. Our Sunday morning service times are 9 and 10:45 a.m.

Thursday, September 7 – HAILEY DAVIS

Second Stage, 7 – 9 p.m.

HAILEY DAVIS is 13 years old and is from Fredericktown.  She has been performing since she was 6 years old.  She has been taking lessons from her amazing vocal coach Yvonne Sanson since she was 5.  Some of her recent performances have been at Door 142, Buck’s Bar and Grill, Dan Emmett Festival, Ariel Foundation Park, and Mount Vernon’s First Friday.  She has also sung the National Anthem at the Knox County Fair and sporting events.  Hailey also loves theater!  She has been in a few of the MTV Arts plays.  She is currently in The Lion King JR.  She has also been in Tavaci since she was 4 years old.  Hailey loves to be on stage making others feel happy with her music.

Friday, September 8 – ASHLEY BURKE

Second Stage, 7 – 9 p.m.

ASHLEY BURKE is an up and coming 22 year old vocalist in the Gospel, Country and bluegrass genre. Ashley hails from central Ohio, specifically a small dairy farm in Knox County.

Ashley has been working over the past several months on a new CD project concentrating on Gospel Music. She grew up singing in church at the tender age of 3, standing beside her mother. Though Ashley sings many genres, she has found that singing gospel seems to come from her heart and the passion shines through.

Ashley plays guitar to accompany herself as she has just started the journey into songwriting. Ashley has performed at various fairs, festivals and competitions. She finished in the Top 10 in Ohio Idol out of several thousand competitors. Due to being a Top 10 finalist, Ashley was able to travel with Ohio Idol across the state and perform at various large venues, gaining valuable experience.

The bottom line is that music lives in the soul of this girl. Ashley is a dedicated singer and musician, but most of all she is dedicated to her beliefs and her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Main Stage, 8 p.m.

NASHVILLE CRUSH is made up of some of the best musicians and vocalists around.  We present a perfect balance of Country and Rock music.  Mix that with our high energy, award winning stage show and you have something that pleases all ages of people from all backgrounds imaginable.  For the past 5 years Nashville Crush has been performing at some of the biggest clubs, festivals and fairs in the Region and have made a name for ourselves as one of the best live bands around.  There is always a party on stage no matter where we go.  Miss a performance by this band and you are missing a lot.   Fueled by a roaring sea of fans everywhere we go, Nashville Crush is sure to leave you wanting more!

Saturday, September 9

The Buckeye Country Cloggers

Second Stage, 5 – 6 p.m.

The Buckeye Country Cloggers became a local group in Bellville, OH in 1980.  Our grandparents, Paul and Ruth Williams, learned how to clog in North Carolina at a square dance convention.  They had so much fun and decided to begin teaching clogging to others.  They taught all their grandkids, and now the great-grandkids are clogging too.    We are so blessed to have grandson and club instructor, Brian, teaching and following in his Grandpas footsteps!  Today, the Buckeye Country Cloggers have 35 members.  We perform at various events such as fairs, festivals, family & corporate private parties, and nursing & assisted living facilities.

The Gas Pump Jockeys

Main Stage, 7:30 p.m.

Do you remember the days when you could drive into a gas station and purchase gasoline at just 25 cents a gallon?   Not only that, can you recall that each gallon was actually pumped into your car by a Gas Pump Jockey?  A jockey who would not only dispense your fuel, but check your tires for proper inflation and your oil for correct amounts. Then wash your front and back windows! All while you listened to the best music of the day from the comfort of your front seat, on your AM car radio?  That was in the day of the “Full Service” gas station, and it was the only, and the best way you could buy your petrol.  You can still relive a part of that wonderful era by becoming familiar with The world’s only “full service band”, The Gas Pump Jockeys.   In their vintage gas attendant costumes, The Gas Pump Jockeys hit the stage to become the ultimate Garage band.  A veteran band, The Jockeys have been dispensing great retro-rock (or as they like to call it “petro-rock”) for over two decades!  Incredibly they have staged over 1,075 live performances!  The band actually perform their milestone 50,000th live song during the past year.  How many bands can make a claim like that?  That is a lot of music.

Their success can be attributed to not only their strong musical and vocal skills, but to their full service approach to their show.  When you come to a performance by The Gas Pump Jockeys, you will need to come prepared to laugh, to clap and to sing along as the audience becomes an equally important part of their presentation.  The band wants you to have fun!!  That is what makes them a full service musical act, guaranteed to make your audience wanting more and more.   Can you remember when you were driving around town, with the windows down and singing at the top of your lungs to some of the best music ever recorded?  Now here is your chance to do it again!!!!

The Gas Pump Jockeys perform the same great songs that just are not replicated in today’s music. The band gives it a blue collar effort via a high energy effort that will make you tired just watching them play each song. The Gas Pump Jockeys play the best high octane songs from the British Invasion and can top off your tank with great songs from the decade of the 1970s.  They can do it all!!

A family friendly show, featuring comedy, audience participation, and incredible music all presented in a high energy presentation that will make you walk away spent.


Entries will be judged on originality and composition depicting the them of the category.  Qualifying exhibitor or participant must be a Fredericktown School District Resident who physically lives within the district. All entries must have been photographed by the entrant.

See premium book for complete list of classes and rules.

Prizes will be awarded in each category: First $5; Second $3; Third $2.

Best of Show Overall Adult $15; Best of Show Overall Juvenile I and II $15; Judges Prize for Best Use of Color $15; and Judges Prize for Best Use of Light in a Photograph $15.


2016 There’s No Place Like Home; 2015 Light Up The Night; 2014 Adventures in Red; 2013 Hometown Strong; 2012 Live Like There’s No Tomorrow; 2011 The Heartbeat of America; 2010 Rock’n & Roll’n Through the Decades; 2009 Fun In The Sun; 2008 Lost In Time; 2007 A Walk Down Memory Lane; 2006 Main Street Celebration; 2005 It’s Out Of This World; 2004 Growing More Than Tomatoes; 2003 Let Freedom Ring; 2002 Stars & Stripes Forever; 2001 Salute To The 70’s; 2000 Home Town Celebration; 1999 Reflection of Town & Country; 1998 The Name Of The Game; 1997 Field Of Dreams; 1996 Just For Fun; 1995 Today’s Visions Tomorrow’s Realities; 1994 Country Living; 1993 At The Movies; 1992 Dreams &  Discoveries; 1991 America The Beautiful; 1990 Once Upon A Time; 1989 Show Us Your Red White and Blue.


A display of Arts, Crafts, Antiques and Collectibles will be held on the public square area on Friday and Saturday. Show hours will be from 11 a.m. through the evening both days. Electric is provided.

To reserve a 10 x 10 foot area for $50 for one day or $55 for two days, please send application with your name, address, phone and type of craft to Robin Dailey, The Fredericktown Tomato Show, Inc., 12563 Hilltop Drive, Fredericktown, Ohio 43019 by August 31 or phone 740-501-3857.


Kyle Lepley, President; Carol Ruggles, Secretary; Lesley Ruggles, Vice President; J.T. Fearn, Treasurer.

Executive Committee: Julie Chester, Cale Grubb, Dennis Shinaberry, Kyle Lepley, J.T. Fearn, Lesley Ruggles.

Term Expires October 2017: Kyle Lepley, Berlin Township; Julie Chester, Morris Township; Todd Bryan, Fredericktown; Mike Reiss, Fredericktown.

Term Expires October 2018: Bernie Douglas, Pike Township, Carolyn Fergus, Fredericktown; Cale Grubb, Middlebury Township; Heath Kempton, Fredericktown.

Term Expires October 2019: Chris Well, Berlin Township; Corey Prosser, Fredericktown, Mike Smith, Wayne Township, Dennis Shinaberry, Middlebury Township.

Directors at Large – Term Expires October 2017: Robin Daily, Mark Dailey, J.T. Fearn, Kim Fearn, Lesley Ruggles, Sean Bryant, Carolyn Thompson.